Traffic  Control System

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Exelerate's  Value Proposition

At Exelerate, we aim to improve the lives of residents in cities of all sizes by managing traffic more efficiently.

We create immediate and significant value for city traffic by enabling a wide range of control regimes.

We do not change the city infrastructure. Rather, we connect to the traffic controllers and sensors already in place at the street level.

Our flexible price structure enables you to improve traffic management in places where it was thought to be out of reach. No requirement for a minimum number of intersections.

We adapt our system to the city needs and don’t expect the city to adapt itself to us.

Urban  Traffic Control

The revolutionary Exelerate traffic control system upgrades traffic-light controlled interchanges in cities of all sizes. Exelerate offers time-of-day, semi-adaptive, and adaptive control solutions.

You can access and view every intersection “point” in real time. You can then correct its activity based on data received from each point. If you are the “owner” of the infrastructure, you receive complete access to the metropolitan traffic data and can access the infrastructure within your borders.

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A  Metropolitan System

Falcon can control the traffic lights of a complete metropolitan area. It gives each municipality access to the traffic lights of its jurisdiction, and regional authorities the ability to view and control the entire network.

Our Features

Full multi-intersection data, including green waves and public transport data

Easy system setup and operation; no need for software coding skills

Time-of-day (TOD), semi adaptive, and adaptive control

Ability to control traffic lights – from a single intersection to a complete metropolitan area

 “Hot” backup, cyber solutions, information logging, and data analysis

API available for integration with components of any highway control interface

Advanced algorithms and logistics made easy by FalCode functions

Connects to every kind of sensors at the street level and controls any intersection controller

Our Projects

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