Our Technology

Functionality  .

  • Time-based traffic control, varying with the time of day (TOD).
  • Semi-adaptive control, in which the interchange automatically shifts between a set of predefined traffic plans in response to real-time traffic conditions.
  • Adaptive control, which allows to automatically change the action of each traffic light in real time to optimize its traffic plan in response to real-time traffic conditions.

Integration  .

Connects to any hardware installed at the street level, including traffic controllers, sensors of every kind (conductive loop, CCTV, RADAR/LIDAR, Bluetooth, etc.), and additional systems (tunnel control, neighboring city systems, and more).

Integrates with the main traffic design system, and can download and work with any of its traffic plans.

Integrates with CCTV cameras in the street, and can aim cameras automatically in certain directions, in response to different events, such as traffic light malfunction, irregular traffic flow, change in traffic plan, and many more.

Uses an API or Web services to interface with other systems and databases.

Installation &  customization


Extremely easy to install and use by non-trained operators, and does not require special skills or qualifications.


Can be easily adapted to customer requirements and local regulations.


Allows introducing new algorithms and logic rules using FalCode, an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

visualization .